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Cisco Softball

Cisco Softball

Meet the Wrangler


Name:  Yamilex Ali Valdez                                           

Grade: Sophomore

Sport: Softball  

Position: Catcher/Outfield


Favorite Color: Rose Gold

Favorite Food: Green Enchiladas

Favorite Movie: White Chicks

Favorite TV Show: Queen of the South

Favorite Music: R&B

Favorite Song: Baby Berkin

Favorite Animal: Dogs

Favorite Athlete: Javier Baez

Favorite Quote: “The storm that was sent to break you is going to be the storm God uses to make you!”

What does being a student athlete at Cisco College mean to you? Being a student athlete in Cisco means people look up to me in an admirable way such as your family, siblings and youth. We wear jerseys and influence others. It’s an honor to play such a great sport!”