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Traeli Calhoun, Women's Basketball

Traeli Calhoun, Women's Basketball
Traeli Calhoun is a 5'11" Forward out of Denton, TX. . Fifteen games into the season she is averaging 11 PTS/G, 5.3 REB/G, and 1.9 A/G. 

10 Things About Traeli Calhoun 

1. Favorite Color: Red

2. Favorite Food: Tacos

3. Favorite Movie: Django

4. Favorite TV Show: Family Guy or Bad Girls Club

5. Favorite Music: Rap (Chris Brown)

6. Favorite Song: Kesha Nem

7. Favorite Animal: Jaguar

8. Favorite Athlete: Lebron James

9. Favorite Quote: "Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies"

10. What does being a student athlete at Cisco College mean to you? 

             "It means being dedicated and pushing through tough times. Making experiences and learining form your mistakes, while growing as a person"